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ABC IT GmbH, headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany is specialized in the development of hardware and software for system control since 1999.

In addition to our hardware controllers, the ABC X-CPU-4 w57 on a software basis is available now, which is suitable as a full High Feature CPU without power constraints for system control, system simulation and teaching.

Our control software can be programmed in TIA, PCS7, STEP7 und STEP5 by Siemens and runs under the newer Windows x86 and x64 operating systems from Microsoft.

Depending on the application, you can obtain the control software as CPU 416 and in Mixed Mode as 416-945/948. With this unique mixed variant you can work through S5 and S7 programs simultaneously and obtain a transparent data access in the S5 area. Ethernet TCP / IP connections allow the networking of homogeneous and heterogeneous system components. A Simatic NET installation is not necessary for this.

The Control Software with Remote Master System changes a Windows PC to a standalone Compact control with direct I / O connection. Windows systems are not deterministic innately, which means, that there may occur a greater cycle time jump (Jitter). By embedding this as a service this can be minimized.

In one of our next news, we will show you how to integrate your own C++ respectively C# Class Library into our system, or rather, how to embed our Control Framework into your application: The basis for a highly flexible control concept of the future.

The ABC X-CPU-4 w57 is dongle protected and instantable. That means on your Windows system, several PLC systems can be operated simultaneously by only using one dongle.




Further information, as well as a demo version can be found on the product and download site of ABC IT GmbH.




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