>> ALL in 4.0 – the small compact ABC X-CPU-3 c57



Dear sir or madam,


the ABC X-CPU-3 c57 is a compact High Feature CPU w i t h o u t  restrictions.



The module is programmed using TIA, PCS7 and STEP7 by Siemens  and  is well suited for operation in modern plant construction and engineering for new projects, as well as retrofits of decentralized Simatic S7-400 or S7-300 systems and Simatic S5 AG 95 or AG100 systems.


The compact CPU has four Gigabit CPs, up to three fieldbus master (Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT), high performance, max. quantity framework as well as the unique opportunity to work with S5 and S7 programs simultaneously.


Do you currently plan new generations of machines or conversions of Siemens S5-AG95/100, S7-300 or S7-400 controllers? Then please contact us at any time for futher informations.





In use with Siemens PCS7 our           ABC X-CPU-3 c57 offers maximum performance and the functionality of a Siemens S7-CPU.

64MB load memory and 48MB of RAM, and moreover 10.000 communication objects are managed by the               ABC X-CPU-3 c57.




We are looking forward to present our ABC X-CPU-3 c57, soon available as 'Fault-tolerant system'.                                 We will inform you about the state of development in our „News“.

Further information about the ABC X-CPU 3 c57 you can find on our product- and download page.





 Your team of ABC IT GmbH



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