ABC X-CPU-2 e57- the compact CPU solution after detachment of the Simatic S5-rack


The ABC X-CPU-2 e57 is a stand-alone PLC-System and consists of an ABC X-CPU-2 or 6 m57, a case e57 and is powered by a 24V input voltage. After detachment of the complete periphery of your S5 system by the ABC X-CPU-2 or 6 m57, you now have the opportunity in a final stage of your modernization to remove your S5 rack with the help of the case e57. You simply take the m57 out of the S5-rack and you easily get rid of your S5 system. You still don`t have an ABC X-CPU-6 m57? Here is an overview:

4 Gigabit CPs, 3 fieldbus masters and the unique opportunity to work on S5 and S7 programs simultaneously, the issue of retrofitting SIMATIC S5/S7 systems gives a new dimension.

  • PLC System for detachment of S5 racks and for new projects
  • Passively cooled system, easy installation
  • 24V input voltage
  • Command compliant to S7-CPU 416, also in Mixed Mode as 416-945/948
  • Quantity structure/Performance equates to S7-CPU417
  • Compatible to S5 CPU 945/948
  • Supports multiprocessor communication with up to 3x S5-CPU948 and 1x S7-CPU416
  • Programming in standard STEP5 and STEP7
  • Complete TCP/IP connection for linking of homogeneous and heterogeneous system components integrated
  • High Performance (average 10ns/operation)
  • Up to three fieldbus Master Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT


Technical data hardware​


Intel® Atom TM Processor E3845


electrical data​



operating conditions
operating temperature
storage temperature
relative humidity
vibration and shock resistance
EMC / burst / ESD​

0°C ... +60°C
-40°C ... +85°C
during operations: max. 90% without condensation
2g/10..500Hz, 20g/10ms
IEC1000-4-2 (ESD)
acc. IEC1000-4-4 (burst)
Emissions acc. 55022, Part B​



4 LEDs as status and fault indicators


dimensions​ (width, height, depth)

49 x 275 x 212 mm




1x AS 511 (TTY)
with DSUB 15
2x RS232
with DSUB 9
4x 10/100/1000 Mbps.


memory extension

2 GB DDR2-667 MHz
8 GB SD Memory Card
64 MB remanent

 ​Technical data software RS5 / RS7:

processing times ​

Bit operations
Word operations
fixed-point arithmetics
floating-point arithmetics

10 ns

10 ns

10 ns

10 ns


S7 timers 2048​

S7 counters 2048​


data range and remanence
process image

FBs max.
FCs max.
data blocks max.

Load memory

Work memory

Communication jobs

16 KByte from MB 0 to MB 16383
16 KByte in/16 KByte Out
from EB 0 to EB 16383/AB 0 to AB 16383
max. 64 KByte
9 wake up alarms

20 Mbyte

16 Mbyte



order numbers and prices:

ABC X-CPU-2 e57 case

order number

price net​
750,00 €

Step und Simatic are registered trademarks of Siemens AG.
Profibus, Profinet, EtherCat are registered trademarks of their respective companies.